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I have a long way to go before my place is ready to be a proper rescue facility. Right now, I can only offer temporary shelter for equines going to a rescue facility. I keep praying that it will rain corral panels, shade shelters and the funds and human resources to do so. In the meantime, here is the most current information that I have for horse rescue in Cochise County and Southeast Arizona:

State of Arizona Brand Inspector (aka "Cow Cops") 1-800-294-0305. This number guarantees that someone sees your message. Calls to this number get logged into the AZDA reports so they cannot be easily disregarded.

One of the most important! This website is dedicated to lost and/or stolen horses. PLEASE—add your name to their e-mail list! The more eyes we have out here, the better! NetPosse

P.O. Box 884
Sierra Vista, AZ

Equine Voices and Sanctuary (PMU Rescue)
P.O. Box 1685
Green Valley, AZ 85622
520-398-2814 (Phone)
520-398-3221 (Fax)

Forever Home Donkey Rescue and Sanctuary
John & Tish Hiestand
360 E Rocksprings Rd
Benson, AZ 85602
Phone 520.212.5300

Castaway Treasures
10905 W. Mars Road
Tucson, AZ

Excellent article about Castaway Treasures
written a few years ago: Tucson Weekly

Pima Horse & Livestock Rescue, A Project Of The National Heritage Foundation—All livestock

Lynn Davison, Primary Advisor
Phone (520) 762-0881
Fax 253-981-1880
Lynn Davison
6500 E. Andrada Rd
Sahuarita, AZ 85629
Email Address: PimaHorse@azDavisons.com

Not exactly a horse rescue, but a great group of people in Cochise County with a ton of information: Cochise County Horse Group.

Here is a website that lists vets, equine dentists, and just about anything else you can imagine! Equine Resource Guide of Arizona

Arizona Horseman’s Benevolent & Protective Association(AZHBPA)

For a list of Horse Associations, clubs and groups, click here.

If you can think of anything (or anyone) I might be missing, please e-mail me at havanoranch@hotmail.com.

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